Taytay, Rizal--Need a quick fix to beat the summer heat? Wanna go out of town but don't want to waste an entire morning or afternoon away on travel time? Here's a suggestion: Club Manila East.
Located in the highly urbanized municipality of Taytay, Rizal, this inland resort is ideal for anyone looking for a quick out-of-town get-away. For those who live in nearby Metro Manila cities like Pasig, Marikina, Manila, San Juan, Mandaluyong, or Taguig, traveling to and from the nearby provice of Rizal shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 hours.

About two weeks ago,around early Sunday aftenoon, Lakwatsera felt a sudden craving to go swimming. We really didn't have the luxury of time, so my first suggestion was for her to just bring out the inflatable kiddie pool she asked me to buy at a mall last summer, fill it up with air and water, and then go dip herself. It didn't work.

So,15 minutes later, I found myself right in front of Club Manila East, in Taytay, Rizal. 

For nature trippers, and those looking for a more natural environment, this place is probably not for you; especially, if you have the luxury of both time and money. But, if you're looking for a hassle free,not-too-time-consuming, affordable weekend get-away with your friends or family, Club Manila East will probably not disappoint.
For day-trip guests, the resort is open from 8am to 5pm. Entrance fee is P350.00/pax; free for kids below 3 ft.
For overnight accomodations, guests can stay at rooms/villas from 2pm to 11am for P3,300/2pax/free breakfast.Pay P700.00/extra pax. Maximum of 4 pax/room.

The resort boasts of several pools and water facilities. But, its main attraction is the 19,000 sq ft giant wave pool which simulates beach and ocean waves. Although the CME Beachwaves did not really impress me, I guess, what's good about facilities like this is kids are safe from accidents like drowning; plus, unlike real waves, there is no chance that these waves will escalate into a tsunami.

I didn't see anyone taking surfing lessons during our visit, but CME offers surfing lessons(surfboads provided) from certified professional surfers. This makes CME the nearest surf spot from Metro Manila.

It is CME's policy not to allow guests to bring outside food and drinks inside the resort. I find this policy a little ridiculous; not only does it force guests to patronize food sold inside the resort, it also makes the free picnic areas pretty useless. Nevertheless,during our visit, this masakit-sa-bulsa policy, did not stop some visitors from bringing their own food. We saw guests  comfortably having meals inside or beside parked vans, cars, jeeps, or SUVs, at the resort's  parking area.

I find the 7-hectare resort complex well-maintained and generally clean. The ambiance is relaxing notwithstanding the urban surroundings outside.

CME's other amenities include:  Boating area for kayaking;

Shaded pool;  Adult Pool with a giant 3-looped slide; Kiddie Pool with waterfalls and fountains; Lap Pool, Bean-shaped pool; and Diving area.

For Day guests,  Cabanas cost P1,500.00, Huts and BeachView Cabins cost P1,000.00.

There's nothing fancy or spectacular about CME's day guests accommodations ,  but, at least, they're clean and nice enough.

Here's the main reason why outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the resort. Now, aside from these fast-food kiosks, the resort also has an in-house restaurant.

All in all, I find Club Manila East a good enough resort for the entire family to waste an entire afternoon away; especially for those who live close enough in Taytay Rizal. It will not blow you away but you'll have a relaxing and fun time. This place is ideal for families that have kids. Every pool is closely monitored by  lifeguards.
If you're looking for quick summer getaway that's near, accessible,safe, fun, and slightly affordable, by all means, go visit Club Manila East Resort.

How to get there
G-Liner, RRCG, and Green Rose Buses have regular routes going to Taytay Rizal from Quiapo/Lawton, Manila. Just take any bus that bears the "Taytay" signboard. These buses pass along the following locations (where they can also be boarded from): the Quiapo-Recto area, San Juan, Ortigas Center in Pasig, Rosario Pasig,  the entire Ortigas Ave Extn , and  Cainta  Rizal. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Club Manila East in Taytay. From Manila, you can also ride the MRT from Recto station  to Santolan station in Pasig, then take an  Fx  to Taytay. From Santolan MRT station, you can also take any Binangonan/Angono bound jeepney that bear the "Binangonan/Angono-Highway" signboard.

Taytay, Rizal  is bounded by Cainta on the north, Pasig City and Taguig City on the west, Antipolo City in the East and Angono on the South. The easiest and most familiar route when  driving  is from Ortigas Ave straight through Ortigas Ave. Extension. Drive straight through the entire Ortigas Ave. Extension until you reach the Cainta-Antipolo-Taytay boundary, turn left to Taytay, continue driving staright, once you pass by SM Taytay, you're almost there.  Keep an eye to your right. Immediately, after Taytay "bagong palengke" is the Club Manila East main gate. Enter. a few meters away to your left, you'll see CME's parking lot. Congratulations.

For altenate routes see the map below:

MAP SOURCE:  http://www.clubmanilaeast.com/
Visit CME's website for updated rates and new attractions

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  1. Worst experience. Someone broke inside our room while me and my family were swimming. Before leaving the room, we made sure that the doors were locked, both from the adjoining door connecting the other room and the main door. When we went back, my camera bag including lenses are missing including my wife's iPhone. We were only thankful that only these things were taken, but what if my kids are inside the room and someone broke in. Who knows what might happen.

    I wouldn't recommend Club Manila East, especially if you have with you your cameras or some gadgets. Security in the area is very poor. The only security we saw is in the main entrance. In the area where overnight accommodation is, there are no security in sight. This happened June 18, 2011.

  2. Marlon...it seems that you are not alone. Your unfortunate experience is commonplace at this resort. Read here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/122611/complaints-against-taytay-hotel-ignored

  3. Been there in 2009 with my boyfriend, his best friend and my younger brother. It was raining hard. There were not any other guests which was cool. We had the place for ourselves. Parang we rented the whole resort.

    Would love to go back there someday.

    By the way, the place is not expensive! like that1

  4. wow, we are very near in this place but haven't been here because the last time we went was week end and they are jumpacked so we decide to backout and just move our ass to a club house around.

  5. It should be LRT2 instead of MRT. hehe. Just Saying! (=

    1. Hi Dasha Mones,

      Thanks for pointing that out...our bad :)

  6. i enjoyed it so much. my bf and I had a great time. but in the afternoon all the food chains cannot provide enough food for their costumers

  7. do you still have to pay additional fee if you want to do the boating/kayaking?

    1. Nope, it's free, just have to line up for it

  8. Do they have rooms for people going there alone? How much?

  9. Do they have accomodations if you're alone?